dias ridge trail

The beautiful November weather in the San Francisco area has allowed for more outdoor activities than I would usually partake in this close to Thanksgiving. One of my favorites is hiking, and the trails are endless. After reading in Sunset magazine that the Dias Ridge trail was an editor's pick in Marin County, my friend Jen and I headed over the Golden Gate Bridge to  Muir Beach to pick up the trailhead. We hiked mostly uphill for three miles, enjoying fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean and the rolling hills to the east, although the views would have been even more fantastic if it had been sunny. Alas, you can't have everything. The biggest perk to this particular trail is the cozy Pelican Inn that awaits you across the street from the trailhead when you get back down. Hiking six miles definitely deserves a pint of beer.

warriors of the golden state

In Seb's quest to see all the major professional sports that go on here in America, we added the NBA to the list with a trip across the bay to Oakland to see the Golden State Warriors play the L.A. Clippers at Oracle Arena.