au revoir, san francisco. bonjour, fontainebleau.

After several months of consideration and two months of official planning, I am finally in Fontainebleau, France, a small town about an hour south of Paris. Currently jetlagged and already full of French bread, all I’ve got right now are a couple of highlights of my last two months in California and a few snapshots of my new maison. More to come soon, I promise!

Photo Jan 13, 11 18 13 AMPhoto Jan 12, 5 06 09 PMPhoto Jan 13, 11 17 26 AMPhoto Jan 13, 11 20 06 AMPhoto Jan 13, 11 18 59 AM
All above: Another day at Lake Tahoe, this time with Mom. We caught a gorgeous sunset over Kirkwood as soon as we arrived, and then in South Lake Tahoe, we ran into some hearty ducks who forgot to fly south for the winter.

Photo Feb 23, 9 02 38 PM
Above: Last hike in San Francisco: Land’s End Trail on a gorgeous February morning.

Photo Feb 25, 2 51 02 AM
Above: Packing nightmare in SF.

Below: My new digs… Front view of Chateau de Montmelian and two wintertime countryside views from my new bedroom windows. 
773693_10151457785990348_1304399419_oPhoto Mar 05, 4 23 28 PMPhoto Mar 05, 4 25 23 PM


  1. Well I saw you changed your current location to France on FB but I thought it was by mistake. :) I guess not! I hope you blog about what you are up to now and why you are living in France!! xo Megan

    1. Ha, nope... I live here! It's temporary while Seb finishes his MBA here. We'll be back in California in the fall. Hope you're well! xx

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    1. Thanks Kari! Hope you guys are well!