a day in the country

Seb has been in San Francisco since May and has already made some great friends, one of whom has parents that live in Sonoma. We love her the most. 

So we took a little day trip up north on Saturday to visit her parents, have lunch in Sonoma and do a little wine tasting. I was expecting a little cottage-like house with a view of the countryside, but what we found was an awesome mini-farm. Not only do they grow grapes on their property, as well as many other fruits and veggies, but they have a cow. An adorable cow named Ribeye. Soon, Ribeye will be delicious, grass-fed beef in the deep-freeze in the garage, but for now, he is amusement for us city folk from San Francisco. When dinnertime came around, we had the pleasure of giving Ribeye his pile of grass.

The road leading to Lesley's parents' house. Wouldn't this be nice to come home to everyday?

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