café art

A while ago, my friend Jen and I met up at a café in an interesting part of town. I was trying to pick a place equidistant between our two houses, but ended up in a neighborhood that I probably wouldn't have wanted to walk through by myself at night. Luckily, it was mid-morning, so all was fine. Apparently, while we were hanging out and chatting to each other, we were being sketched. Did I notice there was a man in the cafe with a small easel who appeared to be drawing? Yes. Did I realize he was drawing us? Um, definitely not. As we were putting on our jackets and preparing to leave, he came over, showed us the sketch, and said we could have it...for $20. I scoffed. $20 for a small black-and-white sketch in some random café? I don't think so. Jen, however, is much nicer than me, I guess. She bought it, took it home and scanned it into her computer. It's kind of nice, but I'm not thrilled with the likeness. I do not believe my nose is that large.

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  1. Haha, I thought it was a total rip off too, but I was worried that if I didn't give him the $20, he and his bodyguard friend would take it from us as soon as we stepped outside. I actually wanted to tell him he should have paid US for being his models, but I thought that might end badly. :-/