yoga on the labyrinth

I found a new place to do yoga last week, and until I go on some awesome yoga retreat on a tropical beach, this is probably the coolest place I’ve ever done yoga – in a beautiful, Gothic-style, Episcopalian church. Yes, you read that right – yoga, a practice with deep Hindu and Buddhist ties, in a Christian cathedral, complete with stained-glass windows and a labyrinth on the floor. Grace Cathedral, atop Nob Hill, is only a block from my apartment and is a popular tourist attraction, as it sits directly across a small park from the grand and historic Fairmont Hotel. It’s not as old as it looks, but its pre-1906 earthquake history dates back to the Gold Rush. It’s a beautiful church, and I love that I now have a reason to visit every Tuesday evening.

Photo by Marlith
via Wikimedia Commons

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