the boat house

Last weekend was Seb’s annual work ski trip, and similar to last year’s trip, we were lucky enough to stay in a gorgeous Lake Tahoe home. This time, however, instead of a hillside perch with outstanding lake views, we enjoyed a perfect location right on the water. The Boat House, as the 5,000-square-foot home is called, was, in a word, amazing, mainly for its awesome multi-tier deck, luxuriously cozy features and private dock. While I was hoping for bright sun and a clear sky to give the lake a deep blue sparkle (the morning started off with a small break in the clouds), it snowed consistently all weekend, making the air so dense and gray that we couldn’t even see the other side of the lake at times. I wasn’t complaining.

Above: The Boat House in Sunnyside, California. Below, from left to right: a snow-covered deck; a mini fireplace in the kitchen…brilliant; a shiny black Aga that came with a 10-page instruction manual – love it!; a color-coded bookcase in the living room; waking up to a hint of blue sky (it didn’t last long); the snow rolls back in, obscuring the
view of the lake.

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