brotherly love

Apologies for my lack of posting! So far, summer has kept me away from the computer... a nice change. After a lovely 11 days at home in Missouri in late May, my little brother came to visit me in San Francisco, and we had a great time both in the city and at Lake Tahoe. I am happy to report that Lake Tahoe is just as glorious in the summer as it is in winter (as I knew it would be). We enjoyed a beautiful hike along Emerald Bay and some lakeside music on Commons Beach in Tahoe City.

Back in the city, a bike ride through Golden Gate Park was a nice ending to Lucas’s trip.

In San Francisco: a turtle swimming at the Palace of Fine Arts, next to the Exploratorium (above left); Lucas at the Exploratorium – an interactive science museum (above right)

In Lake Tahoe: Lower Eagle Falls (above left, middle and right); continuing the hike to Upper Eagle Falls (below left); Lucas and I at Upper Eagle Falls (below right); Upper Eagle Falls (further below)

Emerald Bay from the highway (above left); Lake Tahoe from Commons Beach (above right); Seb and Lucas jumping in freezing water (below left); beautiful, beautiful Lake Tahoe (below right)

Music on Commons Beach, Tahoe City (above left); clear blue water (above right)
Biking through Golden Gate Park: the Chinese pagoda in Stow Lake (below left); the plaza between the de Young Museum and the Academy of Sciences (below right)

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