back in tourist mode

The constant drizzle turned me into a bit of a hermit the past two months, but the sun is back out and I am back in tourist mode. Saturday, I made the journey up to Coit Tower. It was a long, uphill walk, but there could be no better day for it, and it was worth the huffing and puffing. With its prime position atop Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower boasts stunning views of San Fran in all directions. The Golden Gate Bridge? Check. The Bay Bridge? Check. Downtown? Check. Russian and Nob Hills? Check. Wild green parrots that congregate on Telegraph Hill and inspired a book and a film? Um, check.

My destination (top). Almost there (below left). Bay Bridge and Ferry Building; the parrots (below right).parrot

The views of the Golden Gate Bridge are phenomenal (below). The Marina District and GG Bridge (below left). The Bay Bridge and Treasure Island (below right). There are some lucky, lucky folks who live on Telegraph Hill, just below Coit Tower, and get this perfect view of the bay (bottom).

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