a monday momsday

Who needs a job to go to on Monday morning when your mom is in town? Being unemployed is a bit of a blessing when friends and family are visiting—would I have been able to enjoy a delicious lunch of fennel sausage/red pepper/onion pizza and a glass of wine at Pizzeria Delfina and a long walk from Nob Hill to Pac Heights to the Marina if I was pulling a nine-to-fiver? Definitely not.

After a recommendation from my friend and go-to source for all things San Francisco, Kelly, we burned off our lunch with a walk along Lyon Street, from California Street all the way up to the Palace of Fine Arts. This walk took us down the Lyon Street Steps, which was as new to me as it was to my mom. This steep staircase runs between the Presidio and the gorgeous homes of Pacific Heights, offering a view of the Marina District and the bay below.











The Pres
idio from Lyon Street (above) and the views and homes from the Lyon Street Steps (below).
Palace of Fine Arts (bottom).

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